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Information for Installation Owners and Electricians

As an Installation Owner you will be required to enter into a contract with an Energy Retailer for your supply of electricity. It is essential, especially for new installations, that this contract is in place at an early stage, as installations can only be livened or disconnected at the request of an Energy Retailer. In addition you will be required to complete a Network Waitaki Ltd “Application For Network Connection” form for connection to the Network Waitaki network before proceeding with the installation.

The “Application For Network Connection” specifies the capacity and type of supply that you require, and you may need to enlist the help of your electrical contractor to complete this form. Application forms are required for all new installations, for alterations to existing installations that affect the supply capacity, and for the removal (decommissioning) of an installation.

To avoid delays in processing your application it is important that you complete all sections of the form and return the top copy along with a site/locality plan to Network Waitaki Ltd. You should allow at least 5 working days for the application to be processed and either approved, or declined pending further discussions.

Following approval, an ICP number will be generated for the installation, and a “Network Connection Advice” form will be forwarded to you which will confirm the application details plus any additional requirements or conditions imposed by NWL. On receipt of this form you should immediately contact your Energy Retailer, and ask them to issue a “Service Request” to Network Waitaki Ltd for your installation. Your Energy Retailer will require the ICP No from your “Network Connection Advice” form, and your anticipated livening date.

When your installation is nearing completion your electrical contractor will need to arrange for the meters and control relays to be installed, and for the installation to be inspected and livened. Meter installation and livening work can only be undertaken by electrical contractors who are specifically authorised by NWL for this type of work. NWL will require at least 5 working days notice to arrange for livening by the preferred date.

The NWL authorised electrical contractor livening your installation will require:

  1. A Certificate of Compliance from your Electrical Contractor/Inspector.
  2. Notification from Network Waitaki Ltd that a Service Request has been received from your Energy Retailer for the installation.
  3. A copy of the Network Connection Advice form from Network Waitaki Ltd.