What to Do if a Power Line Is Down

Stay Clear - Stay Alive

  • Pick up a phone, not a power line - Keep yourself and others at least 10 metres clear of the line.
  • DO NOT touch, move, or go near any downed or hanging line.
  • DO NOT move tree branches or other objects entangled in any line.
  • Call Network Waitaki on 0800 440 220 and contact the Police on 111 if in a public area.
  • Treat all lines as live, until advised otherwise by Network Waitaki.


Never go anywhere near lines lying on the ground or hanging off poles and never fly kites or play with long poles, such as fishing poles, near power lines.

Lines on Vehicles

If the power line is on your vehicle, stay in the vehicle. If the vehicle must be evacuated due to fire etc. then do this by  jumping clear of the vehicle, being careful not to touch it. Keep your feet together and shuffle at least 10 metres from the vehicle before taking a normal step - Video

Never touch a vehicle that is in contact with a power line.

If a vehicle has a fallen line on it or is in contact with a line, the vehicle may be live and by touching it you may get a shock or be electrocuted.

NEVER touch the vehicle and the ground at the same time.

NWL0003 downed powerlines V2