High load consent

A High Load Consent is required when transporting loads with an overall height greater than 4.25 metres through the NWL network. Please refer to the policy document NP 15/120 for NWL’s policy for over-height loads.

Time frames for processing applications are:

  • Load Height (4.25m – 5.0m) 2 working days
  • Load Height (5.0m – 5.5m) 5 working days
  • Load Height (>5.5m) 15 working days

Generally, loads less than 5.2m on main roads and 5.0m on side roads will be approved for travel without an escort. Loads higher than this will require a NWL escort.

Escort Conditions

  1. Escorts will only be performed during daylight hours.
  2. Radio communication is required between NWL escort, driver and any pilot vehicle.
  3. NWL may require continuous insulating skids over the top of the load.
  4. Any escort costs and costs for work required on the NWL network to allow the load to pass will be charged to the high load applicant.
  5. Other conditions, as appropriate will be detailed on the approved high load consent form.
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