Use of System Agreement

The Use-of-System Agreement is an agreement with each of the retailers on our network that sets out the terms on which each retailer can use the the network to supply electricity to its customers.

From 15 February 2021, our network delivery services are provided under a Default Distributor Agreement (DDA) prepared in accordance with a template regulated by the Electricity Authority: 

Default Distributor Agreement

Appendix A - Distributions on behalf of Distributor

Appendix B - Provision of trust information

Appendix C - Provision of consumption data

Prior to 2021, Network Waitaki's Use of System Agreement 1.0 2016 was based on the Model Use of System Agreement as published by the Electricity Authority in September 2012:

Standard Use of System Agreement 2017

The Use of System Agreement in place prior to the Network Waitaki Use of System Agreement 1.0 2016:

Standard Use of System Agreement