New EV chargers in Ōmārama set to re-energise journeys along key travel routes.

New EV chargers in Ōmārama set to re-energise journeys along key travel routes.

EV drivers travelling through the Mackenzie Country now have more options for recharging in Ōmārama with the recent commissioning of two new EV charging units, providing four new charging bays for consumers.

"These new chargers are a welcome addition to our fleet of chargers in our region.  They will encourage visitors to enjoy our local cafes and businesses while giving their vehicles a quick charge on our fast chargers", said Dylan Andrews, CEO of Network Waitaki.

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) announced last week the recipients of its latest round of co-funding, aimed at supporting the growth of EV charging infrastructure. Network Waitaki received funding for two new charging units on this key travel route, where State Highway 8 and State Highway 83 meet in Ōmārama.

As more New Zealanders seek to decarbonise their homes, vehicles, businesses and light vehicle fleets, Network Waitaki is anticipating the increased demand for electricity and charging opportunities and is focused on enabling the energy transition for its customers.   

Located in the heart of Ōmārama, the two vibrant new units complement the original 2017 charger and increases the total site capacity from 50 to 410 kW. A key feature is dynamic synchronised charging. This ability efficiently charges EV’s by offering all 180kW to a single car or sharing if a second vehicle is present. As well as being more efficient they are also more reliable.

 The chargers are wrapped in custom designed artwork from Ōamaru-based artist Wicksey, and highlight the beauty and extremities of the different seasons in Ōmārama.

“This area of New Zealand changes so much during the seasons” Wicksey explains. “It really becomes a different place entirely during the summer, autumn, winter and spring times. I wanted these pieces of art to capture that and the colours that the area transforms into. The icy cold whites and blues of the snow-capped mountains set against the backdrop of burnt orange and pink sunsets. Then in the spring and summer time, the trees and wildflowers come alive to provide a beautiful bright palette of colour and the waters are teeming with life.”

Richard Briggs, EECA GM Delivery & Partnerships, said “Charger hubs like these are essential to giving people the confidence that an EV will work for them every day and on longer trips. Placing more high-speed chargers on popular journey routes means drivers can plan their trips without worrying about queueing, or not being able to charge at all.”

Location is key and EV drivers couldn’t ask for a better place to top up mid-journey. Ōmārama is located at the foot of the stunning Lindis Pass, so it’s the perfect place to ensure vehicles are fully charged before heading up into or coming off the Pass. And you’ll find it conveniently placed right in the middle of the Christchurch to Queenstown route.

With the addition of Network Waitaki’s two new charging units, our region now has the highest number of public charging facilities per capita, with the ability to charge up to five vehicles at a time in Ōmārama and Ōamaru ’s Tyne Street.  Ōamaru’s Eden Street will also soon to be upgraded to allow for up to five vehicles and you’ll also find our chargers in Hampden and Kurow.

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